Oriental Rug Cleaning Kendall
Oriental Rug Cleaning Kendall

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Soft Water Rinse

A complete flushing away of both soils and cleaning agents allows us to achieve near drinkable rinse water conditions.. [ More ]


After the wash and rinse process, we lay the rug outside to dry flat for four (4) hours where the natural… [ More ]

Fringe Cleaning

We Pre-Treat the all the fringe with a cleaning solution which remains on the fringe for five (5) minutes… [ More]

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Guarantee Pet Odor Removal


Our Rug Cleaning Services

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Our company has been in the Oriental rug cleaning business for the span of 32 years. Constantly learning from our experience,

Area Rug Cleaning

When you think it is time to have area rug cleaning, simply call us. We will pick up your rug and deliver it back..

Dry Cleaning Rugs

Many rug cleaning companies promise that your rug will be dry within a couple of weeks. With Oriental Rug Care,

Oriental Rug Restoration

Decades of continually giving high quality rug cleaning services has helped us win the trust and loyalty of our customers. Seeing our great passion for rugs,..

Pet Odor Removal

Pets have a natural reaction to wool considering that this is a natural fiber. This type of material attracts pets especially when they become sick, upset, angry or nervous.

Oriental Rug Repair

Rug Repairs: Fringe replacement, binding, serging and reweaving available for most styles of rugs. We also offer complete repair and restoration services that are..


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